Teddy in Sneakers

Teddy in Sneakers

How many teddy coats have you seen this season? Be honest. You cannot get very far down your hourly IG scroll without being stopped by a blogger talking about how she's been living in her teddy coat. I rolled my eyes every time. So, What else is there to do but buy a teddy coat and see what the hype is about. 

AND I HAVE BEEN LIVING IN IT EVER SINCE. Talk about shutting me up. *eye roll at myself*

Let's first talk about the texture and feel. I think the best description would be to say that it feels exactly like i gutted 17 Snuggle Teddy Bears, (remember those?.. if you don't, google it), removed their eyes (nobody wants to wear eyes), and threw it on my back for warmth. OH, BUT THE WARMTH. Okay, let me explain, not east coast warm (what is... eeeeek), but definitely California hipster warmth. And maybe Dallas. Is Dallas cold!? I should google that. Oh, and check it- i'm wearing sneakers. 

I purchased my snuggle (i've named it that.. in honor) from Freepeople via Shopbop. But they are sold literally everywhere. i've linked some similar ones below and this exact one. oh, and also the sneakers. 



Teddy Coat: Freepeople / Sneakers: Adidas Original Stan Smith / Purse: Phillip Lim