Clé De Peau Beauté

Clé De Peau Beauté

I can't go back to lower tier eye cream. Now let me tell you why. Okay, the packaging looks like it might have come straight out of an enchanted forest somewhere under the Eiffel Tower, but that's not the reason. 


The Intensive Eye Contour Cream: I have honestly been looking for an under eye remedy for years now. I've tried creams, masks, patches, cold spoons, tea bags. I was told the only real remedy is water, blahhh, then I was told to stop drinking, okay stop right there. hand emoji- no. then I pretty much gave up and told myself that it's just generic, and I have to get fillers one day.. one day soon. or that operation where they remove a layer of lat from under your eyes. yea, what?! Believe me, it's a thing, I looked it up. 

Then i got an offer to try Clé De Peau Intensive Eye Contour Cream. I've never heard of them. But it seems they have a cult-like following over in the Euro-Asia areas, and they're pretty much the La Mer of Eurasia; price point being comparable to the La Mer's and the AmorPacific's. This eye cream goes for $255- actually not bad at all for a good eye cream. believe me.

It's been slightly over a month of using this brand and IT'S WORKING. My under eye area is lighter and firmer... brighter. the bags are not all gone- but it's only been a month. I use it nightly, a few dabs just around the eye contour area. Then i use that tiny mental bulb wand tool and run it under my eye, inside to out every morning. Tip: put it in the fridge for an extra cooling effect. 

Le Créme: First, full disclosure, this cream will set you $535- $799, depending on the size. How is it? It's fucking magnificent. It's creamy when applied and feels nothing less of luxurious. After about a month of use, used every night, my skin looked brighter come mornings. It is definitely a face cream worth purchasing, if you have $600 you're willing to spend on face cream, that is. Now that being said, would i buy it? Yes. but that's because i'm 32, and wrinkle prevention is pretty high on that priority list. Right next to taxes and saving for retirement. 

Thanks for reading! Till next post- stay hydrated.