Are Backpacks Making A Comeback?

Are Backpacks Making A Comeback?

Backpacks. Those vessels you used to sling around on one shoulder (cause it was cool) back in the 90's and early 2000's carrying your various academic textbooks and passed around notes. It's now 2017, and i'm pretty much done my academia to say the least, so why do i see so much backpacks out and about? And why am i carrying one? Because friends, they're back. Although i'm not entirely sure they ever left... maybe they just left my personal radar for a decade or so, but nonetheless, these one shoulder carry-all have crawled their way back on my radar.  

okay, let's go through the pros and cons of a backpack.:

PRO: posture support (but you laugh now, but seriously, bad posture is no joke.. DO YOU want to walk around like that dude who rings a bell in Notre Dame church?! keep carrying your laptop with one shoulder)

PRO: FREE HANDS TO DO OTHER SHIT WITH- you dont know how important this is until one arm is busy raised halfway with your gigantic purse hanging off the middle. who are you kidding, you know that hand is useless. 

PRO: They're pretty friggin stylish { check this MANSUR GAVRIEL number}

CON: well, i guess the con could be that you feel 17.. but honestly, GET OVER IT, GOOD POSTURE IS WORTH IT.   

The backpack i have on is by Gaston Luga, and can be found here

also linked some selects below.