5 RI Suede (and suede-look) Jackets That Aren't Black

5 RI Suede (and suede-look) Jackets That Aren't Black

Fall is heavily upon us (unless you're like me and live in la, where you're still dying from heat stroke), and i'm so so excited to bring you 3 looks every month from the UK brand River Island. They carry a  huuuge inventory, from apparel to accessories, to shoes, to bedding.. yea, bedding.  

For this look, i chose a suede mustard yellow moto jacket (the star of this post), over a plaid hi-lo button down shirt, some pretty distressed boyfriend denims, and lace-up boots. I love coloured motos for fall, and i'm a firm believe that everyone should have a few coloured leather jackets in their collection alongside the staple blacks. Fall is full of colors (again, depending on where you reside- la, not as much so) that maybe having a condiment colored jacket is a good thing. And oh my god, can i express how much i'm in love with this color??! there's just something about the dull, mysterious yellow that i just cant get enough of. I WANT IT IN EVERYTHING. from my hotdog to my feet. 

but for now, take a look at my selects of non-black suede jackets from RI. 




Thanks to River Island for partnering on this post.