Allison Izu Petite

Allison Izu Petite

I had the absolute pleasure to collaborate this post with Allison Izu Petites, a cool as heck designer based in Hawaii. I would say her line combines comfort, feminism, and island flare. She specializes in clothing for women 5.6" and under. (perfect!) As i was browsing through her site, these pants immediately jumped out at me. I LOVE a good white wide leg. It gives the illusion that i, um... have legs. These pants are perfect! lightweight, long, and hangs in all the right places. And shall i add, versatile? This pant can easily be worn from the office (if i had one), right down to the beach. Now unfortunately, i think since they came in, i shot, did the editing, these pants are now sold out. BUT in the case that they do make a reappearance, i will be the first to purchase more, and also notify you.

BUT also, that doesn't you can't go on her site and check out her existing, fully stocked, collection?  

And also, you should follow her on instagram, facebook, and all that goodness. Because honestly, just chatting with her through email and seeing her images on instagram, i know i'd want to have a glass of wine with her. And you guys know me, i can't be friends with people who i cannot have wine with. ;)

And like always, i've linked similar items below to complete this look.