CR x Margaret Elizabeth Giveaway

CR x Margaret Elizabeth Giveaway

Ciao from the hot Nevada desert! Let me paint you a picture, it's over 100 degrees (40 celsius, for those of you who don't understand what 100 means, like myself), there are enormous gushes of hot wind blowing your hair into a bird's nest, and i'm trying to suck my stomach in, in pleather leggings, and second skin arm lace. Yum. Mind you, i had also finished a 5 days excursion to Sin City, and alcohol bloating is no joke.  

BUT, anything for the picture, right? And i HAD to get this picture. 

I partnered with a jewelry company called Margaret Elizabeth, whom specialize in semi precious stones. They have a huge collection, including tons of stackable rings, semi precious teardrop earring, lots of them, in all your various stones and gems, bracelets, necklaces. This large gold link one- stunning. But what stood out to me the most was their statement green onyx pieces, all of which are sterling silver and hand dipped in 24k gold. When it comes to jewelry pieces, I don't do too much besides the main pieces, a watch, my wedding band (most of the time....), and the occasional necklace or earring.  But when i do tag on that necklace or earring, I search for true statement pieces. And these green onyx pieces jumped out almost immediately. So simple, so bold, the perfect statement. (Their black onyx collection is also pretty fantastic)

And what do you do with the perfect statement? You go into a scorching desert, throw on some second skin pleather and lace, and you rock it. Well, to the best of your sweating ability.

For your own green onyx statement set, enter the giveaway by simply filling out the out the form below. 

Good luck and thanks for stopping by!

A special thanks to Margaret Elizabeth for partnering on this post...and for being awesome.