The Neon Museum- Part I

I am SOOOO excited to be finally sharing this shoot with you. As some of you many know, my hubs and i took a mini vacation to Sin City last week, and i pretty much dropped off social media. Well, i mean, i snap- chatted. ONLY because snap disappears in 24 hrs and NO ONE can prove anything. I planned 2 shoots around this trip, this being the first, at the hella cool Neon Museum, 15 min outside of the strip. Pretty much, the Neon Museum is a cemetery for past Las Vegas signs. The main lot is available for guided tours and holds more than 200 historic LV signs, which all still light up at night. The smaller lot, where we shot, is used mostly used for photoshoots and events, and has some pretty recognizable signs such as 'Palms Casino' , and 'New York New York'. I just LOVED walking around this place.

Oh, if these signs could talk... the stories they must have...

LOOK 1: 

A summer trend that's popping up everywhere is the 90's trend. Adidas, CK, i even saw Fila while browsing. And since I LIVED MY LIFE in the 90's. okay, maybe not that dramatic.. but seriously, i love the 90's. It was when hip hop was real hip hop (biggie), baby makin music was REAL baby makin music. I now understand your pony, Ginuwine, i understand. And TV was dominated by some kid who called himself Fresh Prince. 

Ah, what i time to have been alive.

Thanks so much for reading, and like always, shop the full look below. 

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