Layers etc..

The location: Downtown, Los Angeles

The look: Contrasting layers

My first official Marissa Webb purchase. Woo hoo... I am movin' on up!

What is an all time closet must have for you? I love crisp, white button downs. It's an absolute staple in my wardrobe, and one can never have too many. this particular piece is slightly un- conventional, in the sense that it can be worn as a shirt, or dress. Another note with shirts; just because it's a shirt, doesn't mean you have to wear it exactly as a shirt. Meaning? Don't be afraid to style it differently. Shirts as dresses, dresses as shirts (only if the length allows, let's stay classy), dresses with wide legged pants underneath, shirts over shirts. The options to make this your own, are endless. So, go on... show me what you got.. 


That hair effect though.. i call it 'wind'. 

Shirt: Marissa Webb {on sale here}

Leather top: Banana Republic {similar here, and here, and here}