CR x Suki + Solaine

CR x Suki + Solaine

Once upon a desert, far far away...

well, not that far away, 2 hours away, to be exact. BUT, if you know la traffic...

There lay a giant heaping pile of tires. But really, if you think about it. Why are they there.  Who abandoned them? Who has so many tires?! How does one keep going on their journey without all their tires? Sadly, we may never know.

BUT, on the 100% more brighter side, these tires made for the perfect background to showcase my new Suki + Solaine Veronika Jumpsuit. I love statement pieces, wide leg pieces, pieces i can dress up or down. This jumpsuit is all three and a whole lot more. A perfect transition piece from late summer, to fall. Simply add some accessories (wide belt), and a bomber draped on top.  

Don't feel so bad for the tires now, do ya?  Enjoy the pics, and a special thanks to Suki + Solaine for partnering on this post, and for this awesome jumpsuit.