Oh my goodness, i have abandoned you. (I got a new boss who overworks me.. ;) i kid, i kid.) but, without further ado, i'm back!

the location: in the middle of the desert, in between la & lv

the outfit: pattered maxi dress. 

I stole this dress from my famous blogger boss, and for those of you who follow style bloggers, you would've seen this Design Lab Lord and Taylor dress take over your insta a few months ago. For summer, one of my favourite styles is the patterned maxi, so effortless, colourful, and with the help of some wind, flows perfectly beside your body. (too much wind, and it's stuck on you like cling wrap.. but never mind that.) Well, i hope you enjoy these shots as much as i enjoyed shooting them! (it was actually quite hot, and i think i may have been in quick sand. BUT they came out beautiful, no?!)