The location: okay, i kinda lied. This is nothing like orange is the new black, this was taken outside an ice cream shop in old Torrance. but still, this orange silk shirt is pretty dope, right?

The outfit: one of my favourite fabrics? silk. although, i must admit, silk in summertime is kind of a touchy subject, but nonetheless, that doesn't take away from its beauty. This fabric adored by emperors, kings, and fashionistas alike is the perfect spring/summer layering fabric. so beautiful and simple, hardly any accessories are needed. the ultimate may gloomy day outfit? a bright silk button down, pair it with a pair of distressed denim and some chic sandals. you ray of sunshine, you. 

links to very similar pieces below. 


(forever waiting for my ice cream)

shirt, from aritzia: similar {here} {here}

denim, from j brand: similar {here} {here}

shoes, from nasty gal: similar {here} {here}