Free-flow (pants, i'm referring to pants)

My name is nina, and i have a problem. (what is a blog, if not to confess, right?) I am obsessed with wide-legged pants. Now, before you judge too harshly, here's my reasoning: in a sea of painted on leather tights and skinny jeans (both of which i own and wear), doesn't the loose trouser feel like a breath of fresh air? It screams spring/summer, it screams less sweat down legs during spring/summer. It sways romantically in the breeze, while looking effortless, yet chic. the pair i'm wearing is from zara, paired with a lace top from artizia, throw on some sunnies and lipstick, and you're brunch perfect. 

links to look below .


Zara printed wide-leg: {here} 

Aritzia top , similar {here} {here}