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Dem Aladdin pants

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This outfit is all about the flow and easiness of the clothing. It's about how the fabrics loosely drapes off the skin, and hangs just right. Colours here are minimal, it's the shape of the clothing that make this outfit. I love wide legged pants, all kinds, cropped, touching the floor, cinched at the bottom. I have on a pair of wide-leg crop pants, again, found in asia. But i found some (listed below) that vary a bit in style, wide at the bottom vs the slightly more cinched i have on, but all have the capabilities and features i referred to earlier. I paired the pant with an airy, lightweight loose tank that drapes down effortlessly. And last, threw on a black blazer vest, or trench vest, for that final touch. oh and obviously, with this outfit, it is mandatory to walk with your head high, hands in pockets, only removing them to occasionally dust your shoulders off. boom.

look below for outfit links. 


crop pants: {here} {here} {here} {here} {here} and for the slightly more darling {here}

tank: similiar {here} {here} {here] {here} {here} {here}

vest: similiar {here} {here} {here}

shoes: {here}