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I went to Costco like this

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Recently, i've had this slightly unhealthy obsession with floral. Not the real, alive, have to water every 3 days kind, the kind found on fabrics. I remember picking up a pair of floral/wooden pumps when i was in Shanghai a few years back, so i had my parents lug them over on their last week visit. Aren't they so worth it though?! It's spring, and floral paired with silk is a match made in spring heaven. In this outfit, i choose a striped skinny boyfriend jean, a silk tank and layered a sleeveless trench-like vest on top. oh,  and of course the floral pumps. Now, it's going to be hard to find these exact shoes, given the whole shanghai thing, but i did list some floral pumps below that are equally amaze-balls. Yep, this is Sunday shopping attire. Grocery shopping, not real shopping. 



Pants: J-Brand | Silk shirt: Aritzia

Floral pumps: steal | steal | splurge | splurge | splurge