The elements of design: colour (part 1)

Yea, that's right, colour, with a 'u'. hey, i'm Canadian, what do you expect? That means we're nice and grammatically correct. ha! anyways, today's post is the last in the design series, the element of colour. Colour in design makes the design come to life. In (logo/editorial) design, it's said to always add in colour last. Colour enhances whatever design you have and may give you the false impression that the foundation of the design is strong. If it looks good in black and white, it will look better in colour. But this isn't a layout, this is fashion. So, how do you wear colour? How much is too much? Simple, start with one colour. If you love the blacks and whites, try a bold colour shoe with your next outfit, a bold colour scarf, maybe a clutch. You can never go wrong with a bold pop of colour on top of a black outfit. If you want to go for a coloured pattern like the skirt below, i'd recommend pairing the skirt with a solid colour top and shoe. But fashion is not a spectator sport and colour is all about experimenting. So, put it on, check yourself out in the mirror, and if you like what you see... rock it. oh, then there's colour blocking. but i think we'll leave that for another day.

till next post! -n