The location: DTLA

The look: DIY ripped denim

I was going through my closet some 2 weeks ago, and came across so many pairs of jeans that have been left abandoned. I know, these jeans aren't linkable, hence the reason the majority of your bloggers are always sporting new clothing. But my struggle, and i believe a very realistic struggle is, i can't afford an entire new outfit for each set of pictures i take. And if i do end up with tons of new clothing, what happens to the old pieces i once upon a time loved? Turn your old jeans into new jeans. BOOM. Ripped/ distressed/ raw hem denim is huge right now, and quite possibly the easiest effect to achieve. Scissors, a blade, maybe some sand paper, even. And the beauty of this is you can rip/distress as much or as little as you like. #freetheknee is a very popular area of distress, and one of my personal favs. But one effect that i friggin loooove, is ripping the hem open at the bottom and cutting the inside seam slightly open. I like to think of this as 'freeing your jean's inner rebel. Yea, all clothing have inner rebels. Intrigued? 

i am!


oh yea, links to some of my fav skinny jeans (some ripped, some not), below.