The Location: DTLA

The Look: Balmain X HM stripped shirt, blazer, ripped jeans, gold pumps

Now that the dust has settled on the Balmain X HM craze that infected the world and made us stare at our computer screens hopelessly clicking the refresh button until we set our trackpads on fire, what did we get and how do we style these eccentric pieces? Personally, I opted for the black double breasted blazer, but I guess so did the rest of the world. So here i am, armed with the stripped silk beetle juice resembling shirt, and the biker leather pants (not seem in this outfit). So, how do you style the Balmain X HM collection, if you are not walking the Balmain X HM runway? Like I previously stated, these pieces can be a tad bit eccentric, loud even. And if done wrong, can go horribly, well, wrong. I paired this stripped shirt with a navy blazer, and ripped skinny jeans. The solids ground the stripes, but without taking away from the look, and the rips add a hint of texture, which adds interest. When you have a pattern, ground it with a neutral, and add subtle hints of texture and interesting styling techniques. Styling techniques such as rolling the sleeve of your blazer over your shirt so that the shirt cuffs hang out, or buttoning one less button to show a little skin, or tucking in just one corner of your shirt, and letting the rest hang loose. Now that, is how you rock your runway. Oh, and Kendell, if you're reading this and are done with your double breasted wool blazer, feel free to ship it over. : D

Happy Thanksgiving, all! 

Stripped Shirt: Balmain X HM (sold out)

Blazer: J. Crew (old), similar {here}

Jeans: Citizen's of Humanity (old + self rip)), similar {here}

Pumps: Sam Edelman, on sale {here}