The location: Los Angeles Chinatown (train tracks) 

The outfit: weekend casual: graphic tee, black denim + leather jacket

We shot this set last weekend, and they were ready to post this past Friday, but with what happened Friday night in Paris, posting pictures didn't seem right.

I'm one to generally see the good, in people and in situations. I believe in not taking life too seriously, and to laugh your way to a six pack. I'm very sarcastic and i joke. A lot. But this Saturday was different. I woke up frightened. What happened this weekend in Paris terrifies me. It frightens me that there are souls in this world with so much hate in their hearts. So little emotion and plain disregard for humanity. I don't know what they want. There is zero logic, zero reason. It seems as if they just want people to die. Simple as that. And that chills me to the core. It is not just Paris, it's worldwide. There is so much death, so much hate, so much heartbreak. I don't know if it will ever end, i don't know how it will ever end. Violence against violence? Reason with the unreasonable? Who makes the call? What call? 

This set was shot by my husband, Peter. (some shots of him below). I don't know what is happening in the world, and i definitely don't have the answer on how to fix it. But I know i hugged him a bit tighter Saturday night, and told him I loved him a couple more times. As I lied there in his arms, I felt love. The world still has love, still has light. I believe it starts with us, and we need to show it. Be nice to people, best friends and strangers. Love, and love often. Laugh your way to a six pack, and hug a little longer. Light will outshine darkness, and the heart will win. It simply has to. 

For those reading this, thanks for taking the time. What is a blog if not a place to hold thoughts and feelings? This is just my two cents, and i guess an outlet for me to make some understanding of this confusion.

Please, enjoy my train track 'journey love song' shoot, and i hope everyone has a great week. 

With longer hugs and nothing but love, 


on me: jacket: mackage for Aritzia  |  jeans: The Casting for Aritzia  |  graphic tee: pop  | booties: banana republic

on him: jacket: Skingraft  |  joggers: Alternative Apparel