The location: Laguna Beach, CA

The outfit: this dress. 

I love unique finds, whether it be a shoe, an accessory, or a dress, i love pieces that stand out, and that may not necessarily be available in the mass market. This dress was bought maybe 5+ years ago at a little boutique shop in Downtown Toronto. I'm pretty sure this started out as a scarf, that was turned into a dress with 2 straps and an elastic. But whatever the story is, i'm glad it found its way into my closet. And that's just it. Unique finds feel different to me, it feels like they have a story, have personality. This is something that did not land a deal with Zara or Aritzia, and have to fight just that much harder to make it. So, next time you pass by a corner boutique or thrift shop, spend some time and look around, you never know what gems lie hidden. And isn't it satisfying knowing that not all the world plus their cousins are rocking the same dress you are?

Now here's the downside to boutiques and thrift shops, they're not linkable. But i find the best part of boutique shopping is the experience in itself, and that is a feeling strictly between you + your boutique shop.   

happy boutique-ing!