New pant on the block

I've recently had this obsession with coated/wax black pants, (only black though, wax any other colour would have one looking like crayola), so I jumped on these as soon as I spotted them in Aritzia, hanging in their glory, all shiny and stuff. They're manufactured out of LA by The Casting, a company who hand crafts 'the World's finest denim', and supposedly took 9hrs and 25 operators to complete (yea, this is printed on the inside of the pant, i guess by maybe #23 of the 25 operators). Cool. Verdict: pretty awesome pant. They are so lightweight, it hardly feels like denim, and the coating is the perfect amount of shine, kind of rustic, borderline nouveaux-grunge. And of course, they're 100% versatile. Dressed up, dressed down, t-shirt, silk shirt, booties, pumps- all will go beautifully. And since they are now in my pant rotation, i'm sure they will make many more guest appearances here. -n 

Blazer, Jeans, Silk Shirt: Aritzia | Bootie: Rag & Bone | Clutch: French Connection